Monday, 19 November 2012

Giving a Mac as a gift this year?

It's that time of year again and we're already getting excited about it! While it may not yet be snowing, Christmas is still closing in fast! We're getting more and more people asking questions about delivery in time for the big day. Everyone wants to please their loved ones, and sometimes getting a brand new Mac just isn't affordable. So why not buy used?

Every iMac we sell will come with:
  • A Keyboard and Mouse
  • Power Lead
  • Operating System pre-installed
  • Comprehensive warranty - up to 12 months from purchase date
Every laptop we sell will come with:
  • Charging lead
  • Operating System pre-installed
  • Comprehensive warranty - up to 12 months from purchase date offers next working day shipping on everything that's in stock, as long as you buy before 3pm. Our last shipping day this year in time for Christmas will be the 20th, so order before then to avoid disappointment.

We also have iPads and iPods in stock too!

Merry Christmas,
From the King!

Monday, 11 June 2012 delivers......!!

Here at, customer service is our number one goal. So when we saw that a client of ours needed a power supply for an iMac quick, we had to do something.

There was a slight problem with this. He ordered it on Friday the 1st of June and needed it for Monday the 4th. This was an issue in that our Queen, god bless her, was having her party! No way it was getting delivered!

Oh the other issue was that this guy runs his shop from Andorra. Which is in the Pyrenees.

This didn't phase us though, so we drove there to personally deliver said power supply, and we had a very happy customer in return....

A few facts about the wonderful country of Andorra.

  • Highest capital city in Europe (that's Altitude....not anything else)
  • 0% Income Tax
  • It doesn't have an airport, or any train lines
  • 1 litre of Smirnoff Vodka costs €6.00
OK, so now the important stuff out the way, here's the route we took:

1,000 miles baby!
 And here is me (Alex MacColl, MD) with our client at MyMac Andorra! He was perplexed as we didn't tell him we were coming!

Alex at MyMac Andorra, giving our staple gift of a MacKing Mug!
We were pretty gutted to be missing the jubilee, mind, so we took along with us a life size cutout of the Queen and stopped by the Millau bridge (tallest bridge in the world). Her Maj was pleased. Here are a couple of pics:
one big ass bridge, me and her maj waving the flag for England!

The MacKing Mondeo / MacKing Polo were busy so we took this one - soon to be wrapped in MacKing colours!
This is just an example I wished to share with you which sums up our attitude towards customer service, and the levels we will go to.

Alex MacColl

Friday, 4 May 2012

Should You Buy Cheap Chinese MacBook Batteries?!

Don't get us wrong - there is nothing wrong with aftermarket batteries - we use them ourselves in our refurb MacBooks;

1 - because quite often they come in without batteries
2 - Apple batteries can be very hard to track down (and let's face it, they weren't that great even when new!)

Here is one of the lesser quality batteries we have found. At first it looks like a normal MacBook Battery:

See - normal battery!
But then we decided to open it (which in fairness required barely any effort)
Yes, folks, that's packaging foam
These jokers had put a cheapo small battery (1000 mAh less than advertised) in the enclosure, and padded the rest out with packaging foam! We aren't joking!

Plus the wiring was shoddy - which probably explained why the battery didn't work.

The message is clear - buy GOOD quality aftermarket batteries - not this one (which is sold by a large chinese eBay supplier at £18.99....)


Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Yet another way to re-use old and broken G5s!!

OK so we are probably starting to bore everyone with our efforts for re-use, but, combined with another way to use iMac G3s coming soon (aquarium), we have found another way to re-use old G5s!


Step One - take out all plastic nasties and all internal parts

Step 2 - restrict air flow with old G5 doors

Step 3, wait for the fire to calm down, and use a regular BBQ grill on the top to cook your food!
We can vouch for this foraged BBQ - it works and it looks great. It also leaves a very cool pattern on whatever G5 you use underneath to raise it off the ground.


Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Mac Scrapyard - Power Supplies

Some people say the logic board or the hard drive is the heart of a Mac. But what would they be without a working Power Supply?

OK so let's say the logic board is the heart. The Power Supply is therefore the redbull and the pizza providing the much needed energy for the all-nighter before a deadline. Without one, you're screwed.

Thankfully we stock power supplies for every mac running back to the G3s of the late 90s (we even have some PSUs for older Performas too!).

We strongly believe in re-use. This is why, unlike some other companies, we don't turn down G4s, G5s and older intel Macs in favour of the newest, hottest stuff. We understand that there is need and want for all macs.

MOUNTAIN of G4 power supplies

The easy-to-stack PowerMac G5 power supplies
We have over 800 power supplies in stock ranging from the 126W G3/G4 Supplies right up to the 1kW+ supplies used in today's Mac Pros.

When you need the vital link between the plug and your computers heart re-connected - MacKing is your answer.


Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Mac Scrapyard - Parts

Here at MacKing we deal with all sorts of macs. Being one of the only specialist Mac Re-Use companies that incorporates Second Hand Sales, Repairs and Rentals, we get a lot of surplus faulty and broken units.

We are in the process of relaunching our main website. The old girl is looking a bit tired, and we are giving it a major overhaul. As part of this refresh we will be listing close to 3,000 individual parts on the website. This will enable the end user to put in their serial number on our site, and be directed to the exact parts available for that very machine, narrowed down to individual components by search terms. Exciting stuff.

But check out the pile of MacBook Pros, Airs, iMacs, MacBooks, PowerBooks and PowerMacs we have to go through!

Enough MacBook Pros for you?

iMacs which have reached the end of their productive life as whole units

PowerMacs - there is another 9 pallets like this one in our facility
The point of this post is to outline our constant efforts to minimise waste, maximise reuse and guarantee value for money.

We are proud to say that in the last year, we have had waste of just 2 tonnes, and none of it has gone to landfill. Metals go for recycling, plastics for chipping and reuse, and paper for mulching. Bear in mind we process over 3,000 macs a year, and we have many other elements to our business.

Keep your eyes peeled for our new site, coming soon.


Thursday, 16 February 2012

G5 Clocks - Re-use of computer parts in the non-traditional way.

Here at, we deal with thousands of computers a year. Some good, some bad. The bad ones we strip for parts, sell the bits that are valuable, and recycle the rest of it through WEEE agencies, and Environment Agency approved recycling companies.

One particular computer we see a lot of (which I am sure, whilst they don't admit it, our competitors also see) are PowerMac G5s. Back in 2003, these bad boys set you back a minimum of £3,500, and at the time were the most powerful desktop PCs available in the world. Nowadays we sell them to charities, schools, and up and coming musicians - they are still great machines.

That said, we do come across many, many faulty ones. In fact in the last year, we have processed over 5,000 PowerMac G5s, about 500 of which were faulty. We found ourselves with a glut of the panels that say "G5" on them. We thought to ourselves "what to do with all of these excess G5 parts". Naturally the first thing that came to us was to make them into a decorative Wall/Table Clock. And look at the result:

Desk Clock
Wall Clock
How cool are they! The smaller one, which we are selling for £19.99 is ideal for a desk or mantelpiece clock. The larger, "Dual Processor" clock is retailing at £29.99, and is perfect for wall mounting in place of a traditional kitchen or hallway example.

We are selling these to the public on our eBay clearance store:

This is yet another example of how leads the way with innovative and alternative ways of processing scrap computers, a far cry from the traditional "strip and shred" method carried out by others. We also make tables and mirrors guys!

Alex MacColl
MD, MacColl Media Ltd (parent company,