Tuesday, 8 March 2011

CeBit Computer Convention 2011 in Hannover, Germany

We decided to attend the CeBit Computer Convention 2011 in order to put some faces to names (of our current suppliers), as well as to see some new products, and hopefully find another direction for part of our business to travel in.

We decided, like the lunatics we are, to drive to Hannover instead of fly. This was mainly due to the fact that flights to, and hotels in Hannover were outrageously expensive, so by driving, we could stay an hour away and get a cheap hotel and spend the change on some beers!

A few key facts about CeBit pulled from Wikipedia:

    • 5,000,000 (yes, five MILLION) square feet of floor space
    • up to 850,000 visitors
    • 4,200 companies from over 70 different countries
Our trip started with a night in Calais, which was nice.

The MacKing Mondeo parked up in lovely Coquelles, just outside the Eurotunnel.
The next day we started our drive to Bad Oeynhausen (where we were staying), and dropped in on a couple of suppliers in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Along the route we noticed that the exhaust heat shield had fallen off, but don't worry Kristian fixed it!

fixing the car in the Netherlands
The next day we went to CeBit, at the enormous Hannover Fairground, but I'll let the pictures do the talking. We saw some great products:

IBM's vast stage
Promise, the HDD people had managed to get a Thunderbolt equipped MacBook Pro already, and were showing off some amazing features including 1080p HD x 4 streams into Final Cut directly from their external drive.
630.1MB transfer speed per second. Pretty impressive, hey?
The next piece of kit we found was this incredible little device (which actually we have), which uses 3 tonnes of pressure to destroy hard drives completely. Unlike "secure" wiping methods which use software and aren't 100% perfect, this method is undeniably final.   
The end result. Our corporate customers are very happy with the physical evidence this machine provides.
A likeminded German firm specialising in Asset Reuse.
Some big-ass SSDs. Very exciting!
The sound that these things kick out is majorly impressive considering the slim design and the way they look. Yet we are hoping for an RRP of just £19.99 on them.
One of the vast halls (there are over 40 of these)
Kristian + Alex looking far smarter than we usually do in High Wycombe.... Twas a special occasion after all.
This was cool, I've never seen one of these. It is a wafer which eventually ends up as a CPU. (obviously not that big in your computer !!)
Microscope showing the detail. These things are truly incredible!
Celebrating after a long, hard day meeting new people with a glass of Riesling.
Whereas Kristian went for the thoroughly German WeiƟbier!
So overall, we had a great time at CeBit. We met some great people, saw some fantastic products neither of us knew even existed (!), and put some faces to names of our USA suppliers.

Look out for new products in the coming months on http://www.macking.co.uk/


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