Thursday, 10 March 2011

Mac Repair 101 + What NOT to do with a G5.

Kristian has taken a few pictures of some of the work we've been doing with perceived faulty units.

Both the white and aluminium intel iMacs suffer from quite a common problem whereby the power button becomes detached from the case, and thus it becomes impossible to turn on, see below:

inside of case (no power button)
Luckily it is an easy fix, and funnily enough we had about 10 of these machines all with the same problem.

Another thing we've been doing recently is selling old iMac G3s (the colourful ones) to a contact of ours who, strangely enough, makes them into coffee tables....

We still have stacks and stacks of these things from years ago and we don't have the heart to bin them.
Here is what they end up looking like:

Pretty cool, huh?
And finally for this update, check out what happened when we received a G5 in on repair that had been subject to quite a bad coolant leak (or maybe spilt coffee - who knows!!)

needless to say, it is beyond repair. Check the rust!
Thats all for now.

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