Saturday, 27 August 2011

Arrivati ​​in Italia!

Today we had a great drive from Interlaken in Switzerland over to Bormio in Italy, where we are now, enjoying the views of many an alp!

We crossed over Sustenpass, Oberallpass and a few other ones but I don't remember what they are called......... We also stumbled upon an amazing volume of snow! We didn't imagine that there would be snow in August (there wasn't last September!) but it was definitely below freezing.

We even had a snowball fight. haha. go us!

The little Leggy is going along lovely, although it's backfiring a little bit - might look into that, might's an old car and it makes us laugh so maybe not!!

We also followed along with tradition and made a bacon sandwich on top of a mountain pass. Proper english bacon, bread and HP sauce. How lovely.

Along with a few fellow bangers on the first pass.

A snowy view of the mountains on Sustenpass.

leggy looking lovely! Look at that snow! proper snow!

Snowball fight!!!!!!

Dad striking a very strange pose in front of a lake

Bacon sandwich, and espresso cooked on a pass.

It starts to sun up as we headed towards Italy...

At our hotel in Bormio and everything you need to sort out admin - macbook air, blackberry and.....anchovies (???)
So we've had a great day today - but tomorrow we are tackling the mighty Stelvio Pass.....

Wish us luck with that........


1 comment:

  1. ...that's not a road, that's silly string!
    says Rob
    Amazing pictures! says Kate
    Lucy says, miaow.
    Enjoy the dangerous descent and more bacon sandwiches!
    Lots of love x