Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Praha-haha and 2nd Place in CzechWrecks rally!

We came 2nd place in this years CzechWrecks Rally! Go Us!

We had a great drive yesterday from beautiful Salzburg in Austria to the car-allergic city that is Prague. I think it took us nearly 90 minutes to find our hotel! Every road is either one way, no entry or a pedestrian zone....and the sat nav knows about none of them!

The MND Association will see a hundred or so pounds as renumeration for our 2nd place podium finish - result!

Calum has flown back to the UK and Kristian (another MacKing director) has flown out to accompany me home!

We will be writing up our CzechWrecks adventure along with pictures and video diaries when we get back to the Uk in about a weeks time - meanwhile wish us luck in nursing poor old Leggy back home! The starter motor has now completely packed up so getting her going is fun....

Thanks for everyones support so far.


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