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CzechWrecks 2011 Wrap Article - We came 2nd place!

We made it! We're back in the UK and managed to compete this years CzechWrecks rally. We came in 2nd place, having completed a number of challenges (including dressing up as nurses.....) over the 5 day rally. We had a great time. Below are some pictures and brief information about our epic journey in our 1981 Lancia Beta - all in the name of charity!!
Onboard P+O's "Pride of Canterbury". Thankyou to P+O Ferries for the sailing, which was provided free of charge.

Thursday 25th August - in Calais and applying the vinyl decals for the rally to the car.

A crowd soon gathered around our amazing 1981 Lancia Beta (they were probably surprised we'd made it as far as Calais......)

A few people were very doubtful that we would make it to Switzerland the next day, let alone Prague!

Team 369 MACCOLL MEDIA on CzechWrecks 2011

Friday 26th August at checkin in a lovely carpark in Calais - and this beauty! A crazy guy called "Mr Duck" from Prague apparently makes these cars in no more than 3-4 days. Believe it or not, this was once a Citroen 2CV....He calls it the 1CV.

He's done these rallies 4 years running now - but this one would be different as he had an important Penny Farthing race in Le Mans to compete in (I'm not making this up.......). He told us he would meet us in Bormio a few days later.

Paul + Fiona's fantastic Saab 9000....complete with Astroturf and loads of horses. They like horses.

Two of the other teams that we didn't get a chance to meet in their Rhino Audi and Volvo duo

Making coffee while driving. Always a good idea. Real flames and everything!

Mmmmm. Espresso coffee served in a mug at 75mph on a French motorway in the pouring rain. That's the way to do it!

The weather soon deteriorated, and, much to our amusement, we discovered that the seals on this lancia aren't what they used to be... We soon had an inch of water on the floor all around the car.

565 miles and 10 hours later, we arrived in Interlaken in Switzerland (which is blimmin beautiful). We even won the challenge that day, getting a Royal Flush in a game of road poker!

The rather questionable location for the evenings entertainment - Hooters bar.

Superb weather the next morning in Interlaken. I swear the air in Switzerland is so clean that light appears crisper there! OK maybe i am mad.

The Leg with a bevy of other terrible cars.

You can't take a bad picture in Switzerland.

We caught up with a few of the other cars who were overheating on the first pass of the day and stopped to dish out moral support, MacKing style.

Paul + Fiona's Saab which wasn't overheating!

Quick shot of some of our sponsors, BuzzWord PR, KMD Recycling, Brittany Ferries and Interlink Express. If there had been an award for most sponsorship, I think we'd of won it!

Climbing higher and higher on Sustenpass (I think) and the roads and scenery became white! Surreal in mid-summer!

We had to stop for a snowball fight.

Superb views from up here although it wasn't what you'd call "hot".

Still frozen lakes

Easily one of the best passes of the day - and the same pass we did last year on Staples2Naples, although so much more beautiful because of the snow.

Stopped at a Swiss lake for some bacon!

Imported British Bacon, White Bread and HP Sauce. That's how we roll...

In beautiful Bormio, Italy.

Calum tries on his stockings for the fancy dress day (we decided to go all out and get holdups)

Lookin gooooood.....

Oh dear oh dear

At least we weren't the only ones!!!!!

All in the name of charity, remember!

The Leg at the top of Stelvio Pass, the 2nd highest car accessible mountain pass in Europe.

The frankly terrifying descent.

Hairpin after hairpin.....truth be told we didn't enjoy Stelvio - it's just a bit too...tight. The other mountain passes provide a much more enjoyable driving experience. Little leggy agrees too.

Absurd outfit!
 Thankfully for everyone reading this, we will skip the drive to Salzburg and all of the shots of us dressed as nurses.......and pickup the following and final day when we arrived into the Czech Republic.

we took the scenic route from Salzburg to Prague, to include a stop at Cesky Krumlov (a truly gorgeous town, about 2 hours south of Prague)

Absolutely stunning roads. It certainly beat the drive the others took (autobahns through Germany and motorways through CZ) We are also pleased to announce that we avoided buying CZ road tax - don't tell them!

In gorgeous Cesky Krumlov, making the most of our last day on the rally.

Jaw droppingly beautiful, totally unspoilt.

They even had bears!

After arriving in Prague we took the opportunity for one more picture, in our MND Association T Shirts, with our MNDA decorated Lancia.
We had a fantastic time on CzechWrecks 2011. The only issue we had was the starter motor packing up in Austria....Oh and then the French police towing us and breaking the gearbox a few days later.....but thats a different story!

To follow this post will be the videos we took while on the trip, and this will be posted to Youtube. I will also include a post of thankyous for everyone that helped us fund raise on our epic journey to and from Prague.



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