Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Tribute to Steve Jobs, Co-Founder of Apple

I started my first small-time business while I was still at school. I was totally mesmerised by the glitz and the excitement that would surround a keynote address given by Steve. I would literally count down the days up to MacWorld or MacExpo or (in the earlier years) MacExpo Paris and wait hours for it to download on my early incarnation of broadband.

It was this excitement that led me to begin buying and selling old Macs, mac printers and mac screens. These products, at least the ones I started selling, had been hewn by the hands of Jobs. Think iMac G3. PowerBook G4. iBook G3. PowerMac G3. These were the products, which when they first arrived to me, were un-imaginably exciting.

iMac G3s - one of the products which saved Apple in the late 1990s
And let's not forget that in the late 1990s, Apple was on the brink of collapse. Single Figure market share, huge losses and stumbling at every hurdle. Enter Steve Jobs in a heroic return to the technology giant and with a few simple steps, we had iMac G3, Mac OS X and shortly after, the iPod.

1st iPod 5GB
Speak to anyone today. Anyone. They will know what an iPod is. They will know what an iPhone, iPad, MacBook or iMac is too. Apple has gone from being just a computer company producing beige and uninspiring boxes that perform functions to a company which provides lifestyle products. Products which are essential for modern life. Products which you have to have!

In short, Steve Jobs has changed the way people live their lives today. And not in a Thatcher-esque, life has become worse kind of way either. People can now share memories - pictures, videos, music, notes - quicker and easier than ever before and speak - face to face - when they are apart.

iPad tablet
Without Steve, I'd not have started right after my A levels at school because there wouldn't be any products for me to sell! My staff and I owe our livelihoods to that notion. Steve geared Apple up through his last years to be future proof, ensuring the continued success of the company he co-founded, the company he was instrumental in growing and the company he loved.

RIP Steve Jobs. You were truly an inspiration.


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