Thursday, 16 February 2012

G5 Clocks - Re-use of computer parts in the non-traditional way.

Here at, we deal with thousands of computers a year. Some good, some bad. The bad ones we strip for parts, sell the bits that are valuable, and recycle the rest of it through WEEE agencies, and Environment Agency approved recycling companies.

One particular computer we see a lot of (which I am sure, whilst they don't admit it, our competitors also see) are PowerMac G5s. Back in 2003, these bad boys set you back a minimum of £3,500, and at the time were the most powerful desktop PCs available in the world. Nowadays we sell them to charities, schools, and up and coming musicians - they are still great machines.

That said, we do come across many, many faulty ones. In fact in the last year, we have processed over 5,000 PowerMac G5s, about 500 of which were faulty. We found ourselves with a glut of the panels that say "G5" on them. We thought to ourselves "what to do with all of these excess G5 parts". Naturally the first thing that came to us was to make them into a decorative Wall/Table Clock. And look at the result:

Desk Clock
Wall Clock
How cool are they! The smaller one, which we are selling for £19.99 is ideal for a desk or mantelpiece clock. The larger, "Dual Processor" clock is retailing at £29.99, and is perfect for wall mounting in place of a traditional kitchen or hallway example.

We are selling these to the public on our eBay clearance store:

This is yet another example of how leads the way with innovative and alternative ways of processing scrap computers, a far cry from the traditional "strip and shred" method carried out by others. We also make tables and mirrors guys!

Alex MacColl
MD, MacColl Media Ltd (parent company,


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