Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Mac Scrapyard - Parts

Here at MacKing we deal with all sorts of macs. Being one of the only specialist Mac Re-Use companies that incorporates Second Hand Sales, Repairs and Rentals, we get a lot of surplus faulty and broken units.

We are in the process of relaunching our main website. The old girl is looking a bit tired, and we are giving it a major overhaul. As part of this refresh we will be listing close to 3,000 individual parts on the website. This will enable the end user to put in their serial number on our site, and be directed to the exact parts available for that very machine, narrowed down to individual components by search terms. Exciting stuff.

But check out the pile of MacBook Pros, Airs, iMacs, MacBooks, PowerBooks and PowerMacs we have to go through!

Enough MacBook Pros for you?

iMacs which have reached the end of their productive life as whole units

PowerMacs - there is another 9 pallets like this one in our facility
The point of this post is to outline our constant efforts to minimise waste, maximise reuse and guarantee value for money.

We are proud to say that in the last year, we have had waste of just 2 tonnes, and none of it has gone to landfill. Metals go for recycling, plastics for chipping and reuse, and paper for mulching. Bear in mind we process over 3,000 macs a year, and we have many other elements to our business.

Keep your eyes peeled for our new site, coming soon.


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