Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Mac Scrapyard - Power Supplies

Some people say the logic board or the hard drive is the heart of a Mac. But what would they be without a working Power Supply?

OK so let's say the logic board is the heart. The Power Supply is therefore the redbull and the pizza providing the much needed energy for the all-nighter before a deadline. Without one, you're screwed.

Thankfully we stock power supplies for every mac running back to the G3s of the late 90s (we even have some PSUs for older Performas too!).

We strongly believe in re-use. This is why, unlike some other companies, we don't turn down G4s, G5s and older intel Macs in favour of the newest, hottest stuff. We understand that there is need and want for all macs.

MOUNTAIN of G4 power supplies

The easy-to-stack PowerMac G5 power supplies
We have over 800 power supplies in stock ranging from the 126W G3/G4 Supplies right up to the 1kW+ supplies used in today's Mac Pros.

When you need the vital link between the plug and your computers heart re-connected - MacKing is your answer.


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