Friday, 4 May 2012

Should You Buy Cheap Chinese MacBook Batteries?!

Don't get us wrong - there is nothing wrong with aftermarket batteries - we use them ourselves in our refurb MacBooks;

1 - because quite often they come in without batteries
2 - Apple batteries can be very hard to track down (and let's face it, they weren't that great even when new!)

Here is one of the lesser quality batteries we have found. At first it looks like a normal MacBook Battery:

See - normal battery!
But then we decided to open it (which in fairness required barely any effort)
Yes, folks, that's packaging foam
These jokers had put a cheapo small battery (1000 mAh less than advertised) in the enclosure, and padded the rest out with packaging foam! We aren't joking!

Plus the wiring was shoddy - which probably explained why the battery didn't work.

The message is clear - buy GOOD quality aftermarket batteries - not this one (which is sold by a large chinese eBay supplier at £18.99....)


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