Monday, 11 June 2012 delivers......!!

Here at, customer service is our number one goal. So when we saw that a client of ours needed a power supply for an iMac quick, we had to do something.

There was a slight problem with this. He ordered it on Friday the 1st of June and needed it for Monday the 4th. This was an issue in that our Queen, god bless her, was having her party! No way it was getting delivered!

Oh the other issue was that this guy runs his shop from Andorra. Which is in the Pyrenees.

This didn't phase us though, so we drove there to personally deliver said power supply, and we had a very happy customer in return....

A few facts about the wonderful country of Andorra.

  • Highest capital city in Europe (that's Altitude....not anything else)
  • 0% Income Tax
  • It doesn't have an airport, or any train lines
  • 1 litre of Smirnoff Vodka costs €6.00
OK, so now the important stuff out the way, here's the route we took:

1,000 miles baby!
 And here is me (Alex MacColl, MD) with our client at MyMac Andorra! He was perplexed as we didn't tell him we were coming!

Alex at MyMac Andorra, giving our staple gift of a MacKing Mug!
We were pretty gutted to be missing the jubilee, mind, so we took along with us a life size cutout of the Queen and stopped by the Millau bridge (tallest bridge in the world). Her Maj was pleased. Here are a couple of pics:
one big ass bridge, me and her maj waving the flag for England!

The MacKing Mondeo / MacKing Polo were busy so we took this one - soon to be wrapped in MacKing colours!
This is just an example I wished to share with you which sums up our attitude towards customer service, and the levels we will go to.

Alex MacColl

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